刚毕业的14年级学生马特·桑图奇(马特·圣托西)一直喜欢旅行, 虽然他是圣母学院的新生, 他承认,在过去的几个月里,他在欧洲的时间比在波基普西的时间还长. 作为马里斯特大学新生佛罗伦萨体验项目的参与者, 马特有一个独特的机会在国外度过他的第一年, completing his foundational coursework at Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute in Florence and living the history, 文学, 以及他在整个学生生涯中学习的哲学.

从美国文化到真正“品味生活”的文化转变,正如马特所说, 很容易吗, 他懂意大利语当然是一个优势, 他也将自己的成功归功于大通银行. 多亏了学校严格的学术课程和内德拉·古森伯格的课程, 伊丽莎白·赫尔曼, 吉姆·威格伦, he was well-prepared to not only appreciate the culture that is all around him but also to manage his schedule and find ample time for traveling, 结交新朋友, 甚至还参加了当地俱乐部——佛罗伦萨卡诺蒂耶俱乐部的赛艇比赛. His passion for rowing was also sparked at Chase and he thanks Head Coach Lincoln Turner for instilling a love of the sport and the discipline required to successfully balance academics and athletics.

除了学业和运动, 马特还周游了欧洲各地, 有时和同学一起,但经常是自己一个人. 他最喜欢的一次旅行是最近的一次圣诞节德国之旅, 他在那里 caught up with a Chase alum and toured many of the sites he had studied in his senior-year independent study project with Jim Wigren. 另一个高潮是早期对荷兰的访问, 他在那里, 二战迷, joined massive crowds and two former members of the British Airborne Forces to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

去米兰旅行, 威尼斯, 黄土, 德国, 热那亚, 荷兰, 和佛罗伦萨, 马特的下一步是什么? 他希望转学到意大利的一所大学,主修金融和经济, 但首先, 他将在春季学期回到佛罗伦萨,并进行更多的冒险, 包括威尼斯的狂欢节, 罗马复活节弥撒, 还去了一趟英国,与他在荷兰遇到的老兵们见面!





在追逐, she channeled her life-long love of the arts into drawing and sculpting while admiring her older sister Jenn Carlson, 01在远方的舞台上. 但是在她大三的时候, 莉兹说,她的同学萨拉·帕伦博“基本上是强迫我走上表演道路的。. She enrolled in an acting class and soon after was able to muster the courage to try out for Cabaret, 她得到了露露这个角色. 然后我就被迷住了.

大四那年, 她在学校制作的《887700葡京办理优惠大厅》中演出, 阿加莎·克里斯蒂, 还有02年春天的音乐剧《工作.

莉兹在洛约拉大学从事戏剧课外活动. 在马里兰州, taking part in school productions and also enrolling in several acting and theatre history classes. 在洛约拉大学大三的时候, 莉兹被选为学生经营的剧团的导演, 毒杯选手, 那时,她导演了她的第一部正式的长篇戏剧, 偏袒, 罗纳德·哈伍德.

莉兹于2007年搬到纽约,在新学院攻读导演硕士学位, 之后,她成为了一名自由导演兼制片人. 她协助过许多百老汇以外的大导演, 尤其是迈克尔·格雷夫(《吉屋出租》), Next to Normal) on a new musical Giant and David Hyde Pierce on a revival of The Importance of Being Ernest at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

In 2013, 莉兹被任命为裸体天使的新艺术总监, 著名的非百老汇剧团, and she received the prestigious Drama League Directors Project Fellowship for nascent theatre directors. She reports that her role as Artistic Director of Naked Angels has dovetailed nicely with her freelance directing career.

 Liz wanted to end her alumna profile with this “I should also add that Bob Cutrofello was and still is a huge source of encouragement.”




DJ哈达德 ' 95, was excused for being really tardy in getting his updated bio to us for the spring 2014 edition of Magpie. 他有两个小孩,刚买了一套新房子搬进去. 第三个宝宝就要出生了. 他是哈达德的老板和创意总监 & Partners是他在费尔菲尔德(Fairfield)创办的一家“互动设计和营销商店”

DJ说从887700葡京登陆毕业后, 他就读于帕森设计学院, 完全听从两位前任老师的命令, Mr. 赫格先生. 瑞安. “Mr. 瑞安让我相信了这所学校. 赫格让我爱上了纽约.” He studied illustration and painting and intended to sell himself as an editorial illustrator when he graduated in 1999. An unfortunate mishap with his entire professional portfolio (all originals – left on a subway) and the serendipitous arrival of the ‘tech boom’ simultaneously forced and allowed DJ to diverge off the artists’ path; he scrambled to reinvent himself and “quickly taught myself the necessary design programs over the course of one sleepless week.”

DJ landed his first job as a graphic designer for a ‘dot-com’ and gave up commercial illustration for good. 他说他没有, 到目前为止, 对这种艺术上的转变感到遗憾, 因为他声称他是一个“比我是一个插画师好得多的平面设计师”.”

哈达德 & Partners在短短7年的时间里积累了一批声名显赫的客户:Capital One, 辉瑞, 学生贷款营销协会(Sallie Mae), 花旗集团(Citigroup), 巴克莱(Barclays), 艾德维尔, 无色唇膏, 霍尔止咳药水, 和三叉戟只是他的几个著名作品. DJ, 然而, exhibits humility when discussing his accomplishments and is ready and generous in his credit to 887700葡京办理优惠大厅. “我和平面设计师一起工作过,他们比我优秀得多. 但是:拥有社交技巧和商业意识的设计师并不多 . . . 清晰地传达他们的愿景 . . . 或者因为糟糕的设计而遭受重创,但仍然保持再次尝试的信心 . . . “ DJ ascribes these qualities and his “well-rounded education” to the level of instruction and the personal attention given him in the small classrooms at Chase. He claims that his education at Chase gave a boost to his sometimes flagging attention span and anemic ambition and that he has reaped abundant rewards in the professional world as a result of this early educational nurturing.

DJ现在是一名专门的平面设计师,他说他偶尔还会在速写本上画画. “但现在我有了孩子, 我的剧目主要包括忍者神龟和《887700葡京登陆》里的厄休拉. 无论如何,哪个艺术家不喜欢画触角?”




詹妮·迪克森,68届, 谁是野口勇基金会和皇后区花园博物馆的馆长, 在纽约住了11年, 有长期和令人印象深刻的教育和专业记录. She earned a BFA in painting and a BS in 艺术 Education at the University of Colorado and a Masters in Public Policy at Columbia University. 在这两个度之间, 她有幸为令人敬畏的多丽丝·查宁·弗里德曼工作, 纽约市首任文化事务总监. “在我们一起工作的那几年里, 她让我对城市政治和纽约艺术界的方式有了完整的了解.当女士. 弗里德曼于1981年去世, 她的家人任命珍妮作为她的非营利组织的董事继承她的遗产, 公共艺术基金. 在这里,她与包括野口勇在内的许多艺术家合作. 女士指导. 弗里德曼的精神, Jenny was instrumental in securing the passage of NYC’S Percent for Art legislation and the establishment of the City’s Percent for Art program. 法律要求将所有城市拥有的建筑成本的1%分配给艺术. 在城市艺术取得巨大胜利之后, 珍妮继续领导曼哈顿下城文化委员会长达12年.

21世纪初,他曾短暂担任布朗克斯博物馆的导演, Jenny found her métier in the world of Isamu Noguchi (1904 – 1988) and became the Director of his eponymous museum in Queens. 以雕塑闻名, 公共工程, 舞台设计, 家具设计, Noguchi was a preeminent Japanese American artist and designer who gave definition to 20th Century modernism. His museum in Queens is the only museum in this country that was not only founded by an artist but also designed by that artist and dedicated solely to his/her work. 珍妮也是一名艺术教师, from the early days of teaching grades one through twelve as the first art teacher at the Fishers Island School, 最近在库珀联合大学担任兼职教授, 帕森斯, 和纽约大学.

Jenny credits her time and lessons at SMS as valuable scaffolding to her development as an artist, 管理员, 教练, 也是艺术界的领袖. 她声称她的祖母, 以斯帖施密特, 短信1904, 把我带进了一个充满美感和可爱事物的世界 . . . 毫无疑问,她也从学校学到了一些东西.’ Jenny recalls particularly that she thought it was ‘cool’ that SMS had a separate building dedicated to art, 一个“绿洲”,在那里她会分泌自己,沉浸在她所爱的世界里. “艺术创作的乐趣是我在SMS生活的一部分, from the wonderful theatre productions to hanging out in the art studio or looking at art books in the library when I was supposed to be doing something else.’ 


Dita Carley


Dita Carley ’64 is the 4th generation in her family not only to continue the tradition of Saint Margaret’s School, 同时也成为一名工作艺术家. 她的曾祖母, 埃尔西·罗兰·蔡斯(弗雷德里克·斯塔克威瑟·蔡斯的妻子), 麦克特南学校的创始人)是一位有成就的艺术家,用粉彩画画, 铅笔, 和石油. 她的一幅画挂在马塔塔克博物馆. 她的女儿埃塞尔·蔡斯也广泛地用粉彩和油画作画. 埃塞尔的女儿,埃尔西,迪塔的母亲,是一个多才多艺的陶艺家和水彩画家.

Dita在华盛顿科科伦艺术学院学习艺术, DC, 然后在华盛顿大学完成她的学位, 西雅图. 在那里,她有幸师从雅各布·劳伦斯, the preeminent American painter known for his depiction of African-American life through his ‘dynamic cubism.“以后, 在(国家或地区的)东部, she had the opportunity to study under the renowned German painter Wolf Kahn at the Vermont Studio Center.

Dita’s work was represented by Francine Seders Gallery in 西雅图 until their closing this past December.

迪塔教授艺术已有多年, 首先是西雅图儿童医院的一个儿童项目, 然后, 搬回康涅狄格州后, 在邻里音乐学校, 奥杜邦艺术项目, 纽黑文的冷泉学校, Mattatuck博物馆, 耶鲁大学专业发展, 利奇菲尔德历史协会和吉尔福德艺术中心.