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Stories After Chase

Chase Citizens have become entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, engineers, civic leaders, actors, business owners, parents, philanthropists, and volunteers—and that’s just to name a few!

Get Involved

The Chase legacy is built on your participation. Once you graduate, you will want to come back and share your personal and professional experiences with our student body. Plus, our faculty and staff love seeing familiar faces from the past pop up on campus!


Contact our External Relations Office at 203-236-9550 if you'd like to volunteer.

Alumni and Archives Volunteers

Host an event or help archive your school's 150-year history! 

Become a Penpal

Chase fourth and fifth-grade students love corresponding with our alumni! Write four or five letters to our students throughout the year, and maybe even drop in for lunch when you’re in the area.

Nurture a Career

Do you love what you do? Consider coming in for a classroom visit and share that experience with our students.

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Stay Up to Date

Be sure to flip through our alumni magazine, The Magpie, and other school publications.


Read The Magpie